Tucson International Airport (TUS)
Car Parking

(Tucson, Arizona - AZ, USA)

There are more than 7,000 short-term and long-term car parking spaces in front of the main terminal building and in the remote car park at Tucson International Airport.

In addition, you will find free waiting spaces directly in front of the terminal on the second floor for those picking-up and dropping-off passengers.


The Short-Term car park is located in front of the terminal building and has around 450 spaces that incur a charge every 30 minutes up to a daily maximum. Patrons can park here for longer periods, but the rates would be significant. To pre-book a short-term parking space call: +1 520 573 8400.


There are more spaces at the Long-Term car park, which is also located in front of the terminal. More than 900 spaces are available and they are charged per hour after the first two 30-minute charges and at a reasonable daily rate thereafter. To pre-book a long-term parking space call: +1 520 573 8400.

Remote Economy

The remote economy car park at Tucson International Airport is known as the Park 'N Save and has in excess of 5,600 spaces. You will find the Park 'N Save car park on Corona drive, between South Tucson boulevard and South Country Club. The car park has good security and 24-hour free shuttle access. Prices for the car park are very reasonable and there is even a covered parking option.


There are disabled parking spaces in all car parks, where disabled drivers have conveniently-situated spaces for easy entry to the terminal and easy access to the shuttle bus stops in the Park 'n Save car park. The Park 'n Save car park comes with wheelchair-accessible shuttles and disabled drivers can also request help from Skycap porters before their arrival.

Tucson Airport TUS

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